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Activity: Telephone Line Charades
Objectives: To introduce the invention of the telephone and Alexander-Graham Bell as its inventor
Materials Needed: 12-20 student volunteers; two piles of slips of paper (or one slip or paper cut in two); each piece of paper should have either a line from a conversation or the name“Alexander Graham Bell” written on it

1. Divide the students into two teams.
2. Place the slips of paper into two piles in the middle of each team.
3. Create an imaginary telephone line in the middle of the classroom by having students hold either end of an old phone cord.
4. Each team takes a turn selecting a slip of paper from their pile.
5. If the slip of paper has a line from a conversation written on it, one student from the team has to silently act out the line (they are not allowed to speak the words).
6. If the slip of paper has “Alexander Graham Bell” written on it, the team has to act out the famous story of Alexander Graham Bell inventing the telephone.
7. The team that successfully acts out their line or story first receives a point.
8. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Lesson Plan
Objective: Students will be able to name Alexander Graham Bell as the inventor of the telephone and explain his invention.
Materials Needed: Educational videos about Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone; discussion/ reflection questions; whiteboard/chalkboard; markers

1. Begin the lesson by introducing Alexander Graham Bell as the inventor of the telephone.
2. Have students watch the educational video about how he invented the telephone.
3. After the video is over, create a discussion by asking some questions to the class such as: “What challenges did Alexander Graham Bell face while inventing the telephone?” or “What other inventions has he credited with?”
4. After discussing as a class, create a timeline of important events related to the invention of the telephone and Alexander Graham Bell. Utilize the whiteboard/chalkboard for this.
5. Have students write a reflection about the importance of the telephone and Alexander Graham Bell’s accomplishments.
6. Conclude by discussing the importance of Alexander Graham Bell and his contributions to society.