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Word Scavenger Hunt:

Materials needed: - A list of the words provided (gg, gh, gu words) - Paper and pencils for each child

Instructions: 1. Gather the children in a designated area and explain that they will be going on a word scavenger hunt. 2. Hand out the list of words to each child and explain that their task is to find objects or items that start with the given words. 3. Give them a few examples to help them understand the task. For instance, for the word “big,” they can find a big tree or a big toy. 4. Set a time limit for the scavenger hunt (e.g., 15 minutes) and let the children start searching for items that match the words on their list. 5. Encourage the children to work individually or in pairs, depending on the number of participants. 6. Once the time is up, gather the children back together and have them share the items they found for each word. 7. As they share, discuss the meaning of each word and encourage the children to use the words in sentences or describe the objects they found. 8. Congratulate the children on their efforts and distribute small prizes or certificates for their participation.

Note: Ensure the children’s safety during the scavenger hunt and remind them to ask for permission before touching or moving any objects.