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Title: “Exploring Limits: A Mathematical Journey at the National Mall”

Objective: The objective of this activity is to engage students in a hands-on exploration of limits, a fundamental concept in calculus, while enjoying the scenic beauty and historical significance of the National Mall.

Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours

Materials Needed: 1. Worksheets with limit-related problems and exercises 2. Pencils, erasers, and calculators 3. Clipboards or hard surfaces for writing 4. Maps of the National Mall

Activity Description:

  1. Introduction (15 minutes): a. Gather the students at a designated meeting point on the National Mall. b. Provide a brief overview of limits, explaining their importance in calculus and real-world applications. c. Distribute the worksheets and necessary materials.

  2. Guided Exploration (1 hour): a. Divide the students into small groups of 3-4. b. Assign each group a specific location on the National Mall to explore (e.g., Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, etc.). c. Instruct the groups to walk to their assigned location while discussing and solving limit-related problems on their worksheets. d. Encourage students to observe their surroundings and draw connections between the mathematical concepts and the physical environment.

  3. Application and Reflection (45 minutes): a. Once the groups reach their assigned locations, have them find a comfortable spot to sit and continue working on their worksheets. b. Instruct the students to apply the concept of limits to real-world scenarios related to their specific location (e.g., estimating the height of the Washington Monument using trigonometry). c. Encourage students to discuss their findings and collaborate with other groups if necessary. d. After completing the worksheets, gather the students back together for a group discussion and reflection on their experiences.

  4. Conclusion (15 minutes): a. Summarize the key takeaways from the activity, emphasizing the importance of limits in calculus and their relevance to the real world. b. Allow students to ask questions and provide additional explanations if needed. c. Thank the students for their participation and encourage them to continue exploring mathematical concepts in their everyday lives.

Note: It is essential to obtain any necessary permissions or permits required to conduct educational activities at the National Mall.