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To demonstrate the use of emphasis as a principle of design by creating a 2-dimensional work of art.

- Paper
- Pencils
- Ink
- Watercolors


1. Begin by introducing the principle of emphasis as a design tool – emphasizing a certain element of the design can help create focus and attract the viewer’s attention.

2. Demonstrate how to create emphasis on paper, using simple shapes and lines to focus on one area of the paper more than others.

3. Instruct the students to create their own emphasis pieces. Explain that they can use pencil, pen, watercolor or any other tools they have to create a pattern with an area of emphasis within the design.

4. Discuss the various ways to create an emphasized area (e.g. different colors, sizes, textures, etc.).

5. Allow the students to draw, color and/or paint their designs and create an area of emphasis.

6. Finally, have each student present and discuss their design, including what they used to create the area of emphasis.