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1) Create a Robert Burns inspired haiku poem. Remind the students that a haiku is a type of Japanese poem that usually consists of three lines with a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. The haiku poem should be about Scotland or Robert Burns.

2) Create a "For A' That and A' That" collage. Have students collect materials from around the house, like magazines, colored pencils/markers, construction paper, glue, etc. After selecting an image from a magazine, have them create a collage inspired by Burns' famous poem, "For A' That and A' That." They can then use their construction paper, markers, and glue to incorporate a message about Scotland or Robert Burns into the collage.

3) Create a Landscape or Arrangement Inspired by Robert Burns. Have the students draw, paint, or collage a landscape or arrangement inspired by Robert Burns. They can use their imagination, but should think about the things that inspire Burns' work, such as Scotland's landscape, history, and culture.