Summary: Guide young audience to find healthier lifestyle through vegan food solutions and plan of action. Encourage action with call to action.

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create an exercise for college students practice the storytelling framework donald miller talks about on his book building a storybrand on a business case around vegan food

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Case: Marketing Vegan Food to a Young Audience

Storytelling Framework:

1. Establish a Hero - Introduce the young audience as your hero who is looking for a healthier lifestyle and introduce vegan food as a solution to their needs.

2. Introduce a Problem -Show how the current lifestyle of the young audience is having an impact on their health.

3. Show the Guide - Have a guide introduce the value of vegan food and how it can be beneficial to their health.

4. Offer a Plan - Suggest a plan of action that the young audience can use to get started with a vegan lifestyle.

5. Provide a Call to Action - Encourage the young audience to start incorporating vegan food into their diet with the plan that has been offered.