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-Scotland-focused images


1. Divide the class into small groups of 3-4 students.
2. Hand each group a selection of images related to Scotland.
3. Ask each group to decide on one image they would like to discuss and present to the rest of the class.
4. Ask each group to discuss the photo and consider questions such as: What is happening in the image? What might this image tell us about Scotland? How do they feel when they look at the photo?
5. Provide each group with paper and pencils and ask them to jot down words and ideas that come up in their discussions about the image.
6. Invite each group to share their chosen image and their discussion points with the rest of the class.
7. Encourage the class to ask each group questions about their discussion to find out more about the image and Scotland.
8. Discuss any similarities and differences between the images chosen by each group.