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  1. How does the concept of the “orphan train” shape the lives of the characters in the novel? How does it impact their sense of identity and belonging?

  2. Discuss the theme of family in “Orphan Train.” How do the characters define family, and how does their understanding of family evolve throughout the story?

  3. Vivian and Molly are both orphans, but their experiences are separated by several generations. How does the novel explore the similarities and differences in their journeys? What do you think the author is trying to convey through these parallel narratives?

  4. The novel alternates between Vivian’s past and Molly’s present. How does this narrative structure enhance your understanding of the characters and their stories? Did you find one timeline more compelling than the other?

  5. Discuss the role of loss and grief in “Orphan Train.” How do the characters cope with their losses, and how does it shape their actions and relationships?

  6. Vivian’s experiences as an orphan train rider are largely unknown to the public. How does the novel shed light on this forgotten chapter of American history? Did it change your perspective on the treatment of orphaned children during that time?

  7. Molly is a foster child who struggles with feelings of abandonment and displacement. How does her relationship with Vivian help her heal and find a sense of belonging? In what ways do they rely on each other?

  8. The novel explores the theme of identity and the search for one’s roots. How do Vivian and Molly navigate their own identities throughout the story? Do they find what they were looking for?

  9. Discuss the significance of the objects and artifacts that Vivian keeps throughout her life. How do these items serve as a connection to her past and her sense of self?

  10. The ending of the novel leaves some questions unanswered. What do you think happens to Vivian and Molly after the story concludes? Did you find the ending satisfying?