Jimmy & friends embark on a quest to help the Smidgens: find coins, save them from storm, reunite families, learn friendship & happiness.

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Create comprehension questions for the book The Smidgens by David O'Connell for a primary 5 class. Include direct, inferential and evaluative questions. Break the questions down into chapters and include about 6 questions for each chapter.

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Chapter 1:
1. What did Jimmy do when his challenge coin got stuck up the tree?
2. What does the quest for the Smidgens involve?
3. What did the old man at the beach tell Jimmy and his friends?
4. What did Jimmy and his friends find under the rock on the beach?
5. How did Mr. Reacher explain the concept of believing in something impossible?
6. Who was Jimmy's main opponent in the quest for the Smidgens?

Chapter 2:
1. Who did Jimmy invite to join him on the quest for the Smidgens?
2. What is the orange sea spider and why is it so special?
3. What special skills did the boys have to call upon in order to complete the tasks set by the Smidgens?
4. How did they managed to get the jellyfish out of the cave?
5. What was the result of Jimmy's first pencil portrait of Mabel?
6. What did Jimmy and his friends learn about humanity after meeting with the Smidgens?

Chapter 3:
1. What did Jimmy do in order to save the Smidgens from the storm?
2. What game did Jimmy and his friends play with the Smidgens?
3. How did Mrs. Doughty help Jimmy and his friends?
4. What did the Smidgens give Jimmy and his friends as a reward for their help?
5. How did Jimmy convince the head of the town council to listen to their request?
6. Why did the Smidgens decide to move away?

Chapter 4:
1. What did Jimmy decide to do with the Smidgens’ challenge coins?
2. How did Jimmy demonstrate that love is the most powerful force of all?
3. What did the Smidgens teach the children about friendship and happiness?
4. How did Jimmy and his friends reunite the two elephant families?
5. What amulet did the old man give to Jimmy?
6. What happened to the Smidgens during their last adventure?