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1. Introduction to Anatomy and the Digestive System: Students should be introduced to the basics of anatomy and the major organs of the digestive system. Along with this, have them create a diagram of the digestive system.

2. How the Digestive System Works: Educate students on how food is broken down and how the digestive system works as a whole. Explain how food and drink travel through our bodies and the role each organ plays in the digestion process.

3. A Closer Look at Digestive Organs and Their Responsibilities: Utilize visuals and activities to help students gain a better understanding of each digestive organ and how it functions, such as the stomach and its role in breaking down our food.

4. Good Digestive Habits: Teach students about the importance of balanced diets and how to avoid eating junk food and sugary drinks, as well as activities for healthy digestion. Lead an educational lesson on wise food choices and the effects of various digestive conditions such as heartburn, gas, and lactose intolerance.