Ban plastic, use bioplastic, reduce consumption, enforce recycling, replace packaging, protect oceans, ban straws, hold companies accountable.

You 12 Mar, 19:29:38

create debate statements for primary 7 children based on plastic. first one 'all plastic should be banned'. children should think about bioplastic too

Teacherbot 12 Mar, 19:29:38

1. All plastic should be banned, including bioplastic, to protect the environment and reduce waste.

2. Bioplastic is a better alternative to traditional plastic and should be used instead.

3. Plastic should only be used for essential items, such as medical equipment, and not for single-use products.

4. We should all make an effort to reduce our plastic consumption and use reusable alternatives.

5. Plastic recycling should be mandatory and enforced by the government.

6. Plastic pollution is a global issue that requires international cooperation and action.

7. Plastic packaging should be replaced with sustainable alternatives, such as paper or glass.

8. Plastic waste in our oceans is harming marine life and we need to take action to prevent further damage.

9. Plastic straws and utensils should be banned to reduce plastic waste.

10. Companies should be held accountable for their plastic waste and required to implement sustainable practices.