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  1. Respectful Communication: Students will speak to each other and the teacher with kindness and respect, using appropriate language and tone.

  2. Active Listening: Students will listen attentively when others are speaking, raising their hand if they have a question or comment.

  3. Raise Your Hand: Students will raise their hand to ask a question, share an idea, or request permission to speak.

  4. Take Turns: Students will take turns during discussions, activities, and sharing time, allowing everyone an opportunity to participate.

  5. Follow Directions: Students will follow directions given by the teacher promptly and without argument.

  6. Stay on Task: Students will stay focused on their work and complete assignments to the best of their ability.

  7. Be Prepared: Students will come to class with all necessary materials, such as textbooks, notebooks, and pencils.

  8. Respect Personal Space: Students will respect each other’s personal space, keeping hands and feet to themselves.

  9. Clean Up After Yourself: Students will clean up their work area and put away materials after each activity.

  10. Be Responsible: Students will take responsibility for their actions, including completing homework, returning library books, and turning in assignments on time.

  11. Be Inclusive: Students will include others in activities and games, making sure everyone feels welcome and included.

  12. Use Inside Voices: Students will use appropriate volume levels when speaking, ensuring that their voices do not disrupt others.

  13. Be Honest: Students will be honest in their words and actions, taking responsibility for their mistakes and learning from them.

  14. Respect Differences: Students will respect and appreciate the differences in their classmates, including cultural, religious, and personal differences.

  15. Be Kind: Students will show kindness and empathy towards their classmates, offering help and support when needed.

These are just a few examples of classroom norms for grade 3. Teachers can adapt and modify these norms based on the specific needs and dynamics of their classroom.