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Lesson Plan:

- Introduce yourself in English
- Play and practice English in a fun way
- Get to know each other as classmates

Materials: Name cards, pencils

Warm-Up (10 minutes):

- Name Game: Begin by introducing yourself to the group in English. Then, each student draws a card with a name of another student that he or she must introduce to the class in a creative way.

- Alphabet Game: Give students one minute to come up with as many English words as they can that begin with a particular letter of the alphabet. The person who comes up with the most words is the winner.

Introductory Activities (15 minutes):

- Introduce Yourself: Ask each student to introduce themselves to the class in English. After they finish, the class will repeat their name to help them remember.

- Introduction Icebreaker: Give each student a piece of paper and ask them to draw a picture of themselves on the paper and write their name underneath. Then, students will find a partner and work together to introduce each other to the rest of the class.

Practice Activities (25 minutes):

- Interview Game: Ask each student to make a list of five questions about a specific topic, such as hobbies, family, career, etc. Then, have each student interview their partner using their questions and have them take turns introducing each other using their answers.

- Charades: Divide students into groups of four and give them each a list of 5-10 English phrases. Ask each group to come up with their own actions or drawings to represent the phrases and to act them out while the other members of the group try to guess what the phrase is.

Closing Activity (5 minutes):

- Post-Lesson Evaluation: Ask each student to write a short evaluation of the lesson, including what they liked, what they didn’t like, and any suggestions they may have.

- Goodbye: Ask each student to say goodbye in English.