Teacherbot 04 Sep, 16:26:28
  1. What are the classroom rules and expectations for this class?
  2. How can icebreakers help us get to know our classmates and build connections?
  3. What will we learn in this class and what is the overview of the science curriculum for Grade 6?
  4. What is the scope of the first quarter lessons and how will our work be graded?
  5. What are the rules and regulations we need to follow during class time?
  6. How can we create a respectful and safe learning environment in this class?
  7. What responsibilities do we have as students in this class?
  8. How can we work cooperatively with our classmates and support each other’s learning?
  9. What is the grading policy for this class and how will our work be evaluated?
  10. How can we make this year a memorable and engaging learning experience in science?