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  1. Fill in the blank with the appropriate word: “I ___ to my friend on the phone yesterday.”
  2. Rewrite the sentence using a different word: “She said she would be here at 5 o’clock.”
  3. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: “Can you ___ louder? I can’t hear you.”
  4. Write a short dialogue between two people using the words “say” and “tell.”
  5. Identify the word that best fits the sentence: “He always ___ his opinions without hesitation.”
  6. Rearrange the words to form a grammatically correct sentence: “She talk to her boss every morning.”
  7. Write a paragraph describing a situation where you had to speak in front of a large audience.
  8. Create a multiple-choice question: “Which word is a synonym for ‘speak’?” a) say b) tell c) talk d) all of the above
  9. Write a sentence using the word “tell” to give someone instructions.
  10. Write a short story using all four words: say, tell, speak, talk.