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1. Connect 8: Divide the group into two. Ask each half to come up with 8 words that describe themselves. Make sure to explain the words if necessary. When both teams are ready, call out one of the words and ask a team member from both sides to start a conversation about the word. The goal is to find similarities and/or differences between the team's descriptions as they talk.

2. Find Me: Make 12 copies of a worksheet with 12 pictures of animals or objects. Ask the group to try to find someone in the room who matches the picture on the paper. After successful pairings, each team members can then write a few things they have in common with the other person.

3. Question Quiz: Prepare a list of questions related to the English language and their everyday lives. Divide the group into two teams. Each team will take turns asking each other questions. The team with the most points at the end wins.

4. Word Association: Ask the students to think of a word, then ask team members to say a similar word that comes to mind. The first team to can’t think of a word loses.

5. Memory game: Divide the group into two teams and give them the same list of words. Ask the teams to memorize the words in two minutes. When the time is up, a team member from each team will take turns to recall the words in order. The team who can remember the most words in order wins.