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1. Brainstorming Session: Create a space for teachers to think through various challenges they have faced while designing lessons in the past. Encourage them to share their experiences and solutions.

2. Gase Study: Select an interesting lesson plan example and review it with the group. Discuss the different approaches used in the lesson and the rationale behind the design.

3. Design Challenge: Give the teachers a lesson topic and ask them to complete a design brief. This should include elements such as purpose, outcomes, activities and assessment.

4. Presentation and Discussion: Give the teachers an opportunity to present and discuss their designs with the group. Discuss any challenges or best practices that may have emerged during the design process.

5. Reflection: Summarize the discussion by allowing each teacher to reflect on the challenges and successes in the lesson design process.

6. Interaction and Group Work: Encourage group work either in person or via virtual tools for teachers to design training materials or activities together.

7. Debrief and Wrap Up: Allow teachers to debrief after the seminar and share resources with each other to further their professional development.