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Title: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Objective: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to define criminal justice, understand its importance in society, and identify the different components of the criminal justice system.

Materials: - Whiteboard or blackboard - Markers or chalk - Laptop or projector - Video: “Introduction to Criminal Justice” (suggested video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bq2fXwX6b0) - Handout: Criminal Justice System Diagram (prepared in advance)


  1. Introduction (5 minutes) a. Greet the students and introduce yourself as the instructor of the Criminal Justice class. b. Ask students to briefly share their expectations or prior knowledge about criminal justice. c. Explain the importance of studying criminal justice and its relevance in society.

  2. Definition and Discussion (10 minutes) a. Write the term “Criminal Justice” on the board and ask students to define it in their own words. b. Engage the class in a discussion about their definitions, highlighting key points and common themes. c. Provide a concise definition of criminal justice, emphasizing its role in maintaining law and order, protecting citizens, and ensuring justice for all.

  3. Components of the Criminal Justice System (10 minutes) a. Introduce the three main components of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. b. Discuss the responsibilities and functions of each component, using real-life examples to illustrate their roles. c. Distribute the Criminal Justice System Diagram handout and ask students to fill in the diagram with the appropriate components and their functions.

  4. Video: “Introduction to Criminal Justice” (10 minutes) a. Explain that you will be showing a video that provides an overview of the criminal justice system. b. Play the selected video, “Introduction to Criminal Justice,” for the class. c. Encourage students to take notes during the video, focusing on key concepts and terms.

  5. Video Discussion (5 minutes) a. Facilitate a brief discussion about the video, asking students to share their observations and insights. b. Address any questions or concerns raised by the students. c. Summarize the main points covered in the video and connect them to the components of the criminal justice system discussed earlier.

  6. Conclusion and Reflection (5 minutes) a. Recap the main topics covered in the lesson, emphasizing the importance of criminal justice in society. b. Ask students to reflect on what they have learned and share one thing they found interesting or surprising. c. Assign a short homework assignment, such as researching a current criminal justice issue or finding a news article related to the topic.

Note: Adjust the timing of each activity as needed to fit within the 40-minute class period.