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Title: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Objective: To engage students in an interactive and informative activity that introduces them to the field of criminal justice, its importance, and the various career opportunities within the field.

Duration: 60 minutes

Materials: 1. Whiteboard or flipchart 2. Markers 3. Handouts (optional) 4. Laptop or projector (optional)


  1. Introduction (5 minutes) a. Greet the students and introduce yourself as the instructor of the Criminal Justice class. b. Briefly explain the importance of studying criminal justice and its relevance in society. c. Share your background and experience in the field, highlighting any relevant expertise.

  2. Icebreaker Activity: “Criminal Justice Trivia” (15 minutes) a. Divide the class into small groups of 3-4 students. b. Provide each group with a set of trivia questions related to criminal justice. c. Instruct the groups to work together to answer the questions within a given time frame. d. After the time is up, ask each group to share their answers and award points for correct responses. e. Discuss the correct answers, providing brief explanations and elaborating on any interesting facts.

  3. Class Discussion: “What is Criminal Justice?” (20 minutes) a. Begin by asking the students to share their understanding of criminal justice. b. Write their responses on the whiteboard or flipchart. c. Facilitate a class discussion to define criminal justice, emphasizing its role in maintaining law and order, protecting citizens, and ensuring justice for all. d. Discuss the various components of the criminal justice system, such as law enforcement, courts, and corrections. e. Encourage students to ask questions and provide real-life examples to enhance understanding.

  4. Career Exploration: “Criminal Justice Careers” (15 minutes) a. Introduce the students to the diverse career opportunities within the field of criminal justice. b. Use a laptop or projector to display a list of criminal justice careers on the screen. c. Discuss each career briefly, highlighting the required qualifications, responsibilities, and potential salary ranges. d. Distribute handouts with additional information about criminal justice careers, if available. e. Encourage students to ask questions and express their interests in specific careers.

  5. Conclusion and Homework Assignment (5 minutes) a. Summarize the key points discussed during the class. b. Assign a short homework task, such as researching and writing a paragraph about a chosen criminal justice career. c. Remind students to come prepared for the next class with their completed homework.

Note: This lesson plan can be adjusted based on the specific needs and resources available in your classroom.