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LESSON OBJECTIVES At the end of this lesson, learners should be able to:

-Understand a variety of spoken English at an intermediate level -Notice key words for comprehending spoken English -Analyze key words for accurate interpretation -Practice effective listening skills

MATERIALS NEEDED -Audio recordings (optional) -Writing materials -Whiteboard (optional)

ANTICIPATORY SET To give learners an idea of the topic, begin by explaining the importance of listening skills in the English language. Then, ask learners to identify listening situations they might encounter in their daily lives.


I. Introduce theme Allow learners to discuss the topic. Ask them to give examples of real-life listening scenarios they may find themselves in.

II. Pre-listening activity Explain to learners the activities they will be doing during the lesson, introducing vocabulary related to listening. Explain the importance of understanding the context before listening.

III. Listening Put learners into pairs and have them listen to a recording or audio clip. After each recording, ask learners to summarize what they have heard.

IV. Comprehension Make sure understanding has taken place by using comprehension questions related to the recording. Encourage learners to explain what they have heard.

V. Debrief Discuss the language used in the audio clip, focusing on key vocabulary. Review the meaning of new words, as well as their pronunciation.

VI. Post-listening activity Provide learners with tasks related to their understanding of the audio clip. This can include topics such as identifying key words, filling out a chart, or summarizing the information.

WRAP-UP The instructor should summarize the main points of the lesson and ask for learner feedback.

HOMEWORK Learners should be invited to practice the skill at home with a partner or on their own. This could include having them listen to the audio clip from the lesson and complete the post-listening activities.