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Create lesson plan for MBA students about Decision Making, with emphasis on Agile methods. Suggest books, blogs, channels or websites to research the subject.

Teacherbot 16 Jan, 21:55:40

Lesson Plan:

At the end of the lesson, MBA students should have an understanding of agile methods of decision making, as well as an understanding of how to leverage agile methods in their decision making process.

Time Frame:
One hour

Lesson Outline:
I. Introduction (10 minutes)
A. Discussion of the importance of decision making
B. Overview of agile decision making

II. Agile decisions (35 minutes)
A. Principles of agile decision making
B. Tools and methods for agile decision making
C. Demonstration of agile decision making process

III. Conclusion (15 minutes)
A. Summary of agile decision making
B. Wrap-up and Q & A

Suggested Books/Websites/Channels/Blogs:
- Agile Decision Making: A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions, by Bill Conn
- Agile Decision Making: The Simplified Guide to Entrepreneurial Success, by Robert Blackburn
- Making Decisions in the Agile World, by Tarun Sismani

- Agile Alliance:
- Scrum Alliance:
- Scrum Guide:

- Agile Leadership Network - YouTube Channel
- https://www.agilemother//blog/