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Week 2 of Indoor Badminton

Day 1
• Welcome students and introduce the topic.
• Explain the basic components and concepts of badminton.
• Introduce the different types of court markings and discuss the rules of badminton.
• Provide instruction on shuttlecock throws - underhand, overhand and lobs.
• Demonstrate basic strokes and have students practice with a partner.

Day 2
• Remind students of the components and rules of badminton.
• Introduce basic rules of singles and doubles.
• Demonstrate further strokes, such as clears, smashes and drops.
• Have students practice in warm-up and cool-down games.

Day 3
• Provide instruction on proper footwork and court positioning.
• Introduce more advanced rules of badminton, such as ‘let’ and ‘no let’.
• Practice advanced strokes, such as clears, smashes, and drops.
• Engage students with badminton-based game play.

Day 4
• review key components and rules of the game.
• discuss game strategies and techniques.
• practice badminton drills and exercises.
• pause for group activities and team-building activities.

Day 5
• Review basic rules of badminton and appropriate sportsmanship.
• Play doubles and singles matches.
• Engage in a badminton-based physical education game or tournament.
• Award portions of the lesson to winning teams.
• Spend the remainder of the class playing badminton games.