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Lesson Plan: Adding and Subtracting Integers

Grade: 7th Grade Subject: Math

Learning Objective: - Students will be able to add and subtract integers using the rules of integer operations. - Students will understand the concept of positive and negative numbers and their relationship to real-life situations.

Language Objective: - Students will use appropriate mathematical vocabulary to explain the steps involved in adding and subtracting integers. - Students will engage in collaborative discussions to solve problems and justify their reasoning using complete sentences.

Materials: - Whiteboard or chart paper - Markers or chalk - Integer number line - Index cards with positive and negative numbers written on them - Exit ticket handouts


  1. Introduction (10 minutes): - Begin the lesson by asking students to share any prior knowledge they have about positive and negative numbers. - Introduce the concept of integers and explain that they include both positive and negative numbers. - Show examples of real-life situations where positive and negative numbers are used (e.g., temperature, bank account balance). - Display an integer number line and explain how it represents positive and negative numbers.

  2. Engaging Activity (15 minutes): - Divide the class into pairs or small groups. - Distribute index cards with positive and negative numbers written on them to each group. - Instruct students to arrange the cards on the number line in the correct order. - Encourage students to discuss their reasoning and collaborate with their group members. - Walk around the classroom to provide support and guidance as needed.

  3. Lesson Development (20 minutes): - Review the rules for adding and subtracting integers: - When adding integers with the same sign, add their absolute values and keep the sign. - When adding integers with different signs, subtract their absolute values and keep the sign of the larger number. - When subtracting integers, change the sign of the second number and follow the rules for addition. - Model several examples on the whiteboard, explaining each step and using mathematical vocabulary. - Provide opportunities for students to practice solving addition and subtraction problems in pairs or individually. - Circulate the classroom to monitor progress and provide assistance where necessary.

  4. Closure (10 minutes): - Distribute exit ticket handouts to each student. - Instruct students to solve the given problems independently and write their answers on the handout. - Collect the exit tickets to assess students’ understanding of the lesson. - Review the answers as a class, addressing any misconceptions or questions that arise. - Summarize the key concepts covered in the lesson and emphasize the importance of using the rules for adding and subtracting integers accurately.

Exit Ticket: 1. Solve the following addition problem: -5 + (-3) = __. 2. Solve the following subtraction problem: 8 - (-2) = __. 3. Explain in complete sentences how you would add two positive integers. 4. Describe a real-life situation where subtracting integers would be applicable.

Note: The exit ticket can be modified or expanded based on the specific needs and abilities of the students.