Teacherbot 24 Aug, 16:18:49

Sure! Here is a sample PTE speaking test exam:

Part 1: Personal Introduction - Introduce yourself and provide some personal information such as your name, nationality, and occupation. - Talk about your hobbies and interests. - Discuss your reasons for taking the PTE exam.

Part 2: Read Aloud - You will be given a text to read aloud. - Read the text clearly and fluently, paying attention to pronunciation and intonation.

Part 3: Repeat Sentence - You will hear a sentence. Repeat the sentence exactly as you hear it.

Part 4: Describe Image - You will be shown an image, such as a graph, chart, or diagram. - Describe the image in detail, including key information and trends.

Part 5: Retell Lecture - You will listen to a short lecture. - Summarize the lecture in your own words, highlighting the main points and supporting details.

Part 6: Answer Short Questions - You will hear a question. Provide a short and concise answer.

Part 7: Summarize Written Text - You will be given a written passage. - Write a summary of the passage in your own words, capturing the main ideas and key details.

Part 8: Essay - Write an essay on a given topic. - Express your opinion and support it with relevant examples and arguments.

Note: The actual PTE speaking test may have additional or slightly different tasks. This is just a sample to give you an idea of the format.