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Before Reading: 1. What do you already know about the topic of the text? 2. What do you think this text will be about based on the title or cover? 3. Can you make any predictions about what might happen in this story? 4. Have you ever read anything similar to this text before? If so, what was it about?

During Reading: 1. What is happening in the story right now? 2. Can you describe the main character and their personality? 3. What do you think will happen next in the story? 4. Are there any new words or phrases that you don’t understand? Can you guess their meaning based on the context?

After Reading: 1. What was the main idea or message of the text? 2. Did the story end the way you expected it to? Why or why not? 3. Can you retell the story in your own words? 4. Did you learn anything new from reading this text?

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Make this more complex

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Before Reading:
1. Reflect on your prior knowledge about the topic. How does this topic relate to other things you have learned or experienced?
2. Based on the title or cover, what do you think the author's purpose might be for writing this text?
3. Formulate hypotheses about the characters, setting, or plot based on any clues you can gather from the text features or illustrations.
4. How might your previous reading experiences influence your understanding of this text?

During Reading:
1. Analyze the events in the story and identify any cause-and-effect relationships. How do the actions of the characters impact the plot?
2. Evaluate the character development. How have the characters changed or grown throughout the story? What evidence from the text supports your analysis?
3. Make inferences about the author's intended message or theme. How do the events and characters in the story contribute to this message?
4. Identify any unfamiliar vocabulary words or phrases. Use context clues and your background knowledge to determine their meaning. How do these words enhance your understanding of the text?

After Reading:
1. Summarize the main idea or central message of the text. How did the author convey this idea throughout the story?
2. Reflect on the resolution of the story. Did the ending align with your predictions? How did the author create suspense or surprise in the plot?
3. Retell the story from a different character's perspective. How might their viewpoint change the interpretation of events?
4. Connect the text to your own life or other texts you have read. What new insights or perspectives did you gain from reading this text?