kings traveled to Bethlehem to bring Jesus gifts, revealing Him as the "King of Kings" with a star's help; the people of Bethlehem rejoiced at the sight.

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Create questions for a primary 2 class about the 3 kings meeting the baby jesus

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1. What type of gifts did the three kings give to the baby Jesus?
2. How many kings came to visit the newborn baby Jesus?
3. How did the Three Kings travel to Bethlehem?
4. What is the Christmas story about the Three Kings known as?
5. Why did the Three Kings visit Jesus when He was born?
6. How did the Three Kings know Jesus was born?
7. Who was the first King to find and visit Baby Jesus?
8. How did the people of Bethlehem react when they saw the Three Kings?
9. What did the Three Kings do when they found Baby Jesus?
10. How did the Three Kings know that Jesus was special?