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The Jones family had just moved into the old, abandoned house in the middle of the woods. The only thing they knew was that the previous owners had moved out almost immediately after moving in and no one had lived there since.

They had heard the stories, whispered among the other townspeople, about the ghost of the old occupant still inhabiting the house, but they had shrugged it off as rumor. The Jones’ were a modern family and weren’t overly superstitious, so they moved in without giving it another thought.

At first, everything seemed to be going alright. The house was warm, cozy, and had plenty of room for the family to spread out in. But then, strange things started happening.

Late at night, the children would hear whispering coming from the walls. Lights flickered for no reason and the family would hear a woman’s voice coming from the attic.

Finally, the family had had enough and decided to leave. They packed up their suitcases and headed out the door. As the group walked down the drive, they could hear the woman’s voice calling their names from the house, pleading for them to never return.

Terrified, the family drove away and never looked back. Even today, residents of the small town still tell stories of the family that refused to believe in the ghost of the previous owner, only to regret it in the end.