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Chapter 1: 1. Introduction to the main character: Moose Flanagan, a ten-year-old boy who moves to Alcatraz Island with his family. 2. Moose’s sister, Natalie, has special needs and requires extra attention from their parents. 3. Moose’s father works as a prison guard on Alcatraz, and the family lives in a small house on the island. 4. Moose’s mother is determined to get Natalie into a special school, but they face challenges due to limited options on the island. 5. Moose’s first day on the island includes meeting new friends, such as Jimmy and Theresa, who live there too. 6. Moose learns about the infamous prisoners on Alcatraz, including Al Capone, who used to live there.

Chapter 2: 1. Moose’s mother tries to convince the school’s headmaster to admit Natalie, but he refuses due to lack of resources. 2. Moose’s mother decides to start a petition to gather support from other parents on the island. 3. Moose’s father is worried about the safety of his family, especially with dangerous criminals living nearby. 4. Moose’s parents argue about Natalie’s schooling, causing tension in the family. 5. Moose and his friends explore the island, discovering hidden spots and secrets. 6. Moose’s mother organizes a meeting with other parents to discuss the petition and gain support for Natalie’s education. 7. Moose’s father shares stories about Al Capone and his time on Alcatraz, sparking Moose’s curiosity about the famous gangster.