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Chapter 1 of the book “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” introduces us to the main character, Bruno, who is a young boy living in Berlin during World War II. Here are the main ideas from this chapter, explained in a way suitable for a fourteen-year-old pupil:

  1. Meet Bruno: We are introduced to Bruno, a nine-year-old boy who loves exploring and playing with his friends. He lives in a big house with his parents, his twelve-year-old sister Gretel, and their maid, Maria.

  2. Bruno’s New Home: Bruno’s father, a high-ranking soldier, gets a new job, and the family has to move to a place called “Out-With.” Bruno is upset about leaving his friends and his familiar surroundings in Berlin.

  3. The New House: When they arrive at their new house, Bruno is disappointed. It is much smaller and older than their previous home, and there are no other children to play with nearby. The house is also surrounded by a tall fence, which Bruno finds strange.

  4. The View from Bruno’s Window: Bruno’s bedroom window overlooks a vast area with many huts and people wearing striped pyjamas. He wonders why they are all wearing the same clothes and why they are behind the fence. Bruno is curious and wants to explore, but his parents tell him it’s off-limits.

  5. The Mysterious Fury: Bruno notices a man in a fury, wearing a uniform, who comes to visit his father. The man is angry and argues with Bruno’s father about something important. Bruno doesn’t understand what they are talking about, but he senses tension and fear.

  6. The Lonely Bruno: Bruno feels lonely and bored in his new home. He misses his friends and the adventures they used to have. He tries to make the best of it by exploring the area around the house, but he still feels a sense of emptiness.

These are the main ideas from Chapter 1 of “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.” It sets the stage for the story and introduces us to Bruno’s world during a difficult time in history.