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Chapter One of the book “Patina” by Jason Reynolds introduces us to the main character, Patina “Patty” Jones, a thirteen-year-old girl who loves to run. Here are the main ideas from this chapter, suitable for a thirteen-year-old pupil:

  1. Meet Patina: We are introduced to Patina, a talented runner who is part of the Defenders track team. She is known as “Patty” and has a unique style of running, which she calls “the Patty special.”

  2. Family Struggles: Patina lives with her younger sister, Maddy, and her aunt and uncle, who she refers to as Momly and Daddy. Her mother passed away, and her father lost his legs due to diabetes. Patina feels responsible for taking care of her family and worries about her father’s health.

  3. School Life: Patina attends a new school, Chester Academy, where she feels like an outsider. She is one of the few black students and struggles to fit in with her classmates. However, she finds solace in running, which helps her escape from her worries and feel free.

  4. The Defenders: Patina is a member of the Defenders track team, which is like a second family to her. She is determined to be the best runner she can be and make her team proud. Coach and her teammates, including her best friend, Jasmine, support and encourage her.

  5. The Relay Race: Patina’s team is preparing for an upcoming relay race, and she is chosen as the anchor leg, the final runner. She feels the pressure to perform well and help her team win. Patina’s dedication to running and her team is evident as she trains hard and pushes herself to improve.

These main ideas from Chapter One of “Patina” give us a glimpse into Patina’s life, her struggles, and her passion for running. As the story progresses, we will see how Patina navigates her challenges and finds strength in her love for the sport.