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1. Create a glossary - Using the content specific vocabulary related to the mouth (e.g. teeth, jaws, tongue, saliva, molars, etc.), have students create a glossary of words on their own and then check it as a class using a mini white board.

2. Make a mini-model - Have each student make a mini-model of the mouth using simple craft supplies like clay, construction paper, and pipe cleaners. As students create their models, have them label the important parts and explain their functions.

3. Practice pronunciation - Have students practice common words related to digestion including teeth, tongue, saliva, molars, and more. Have students practice saying the words and practicing their pronunciation.

4. Tongue twinning - Draw a tongue on card stock or construction paper and have students trace their tongues and color their own copies. Have them note any differences or similarities.

5. Create a Digestive Story - Have students create a story about the mouth and explain the different functions and processes it does as it relates to digestion. Allow them to express themselves creatively and encourage them to draw illustrations to go with the stories.