Teacherbot 22 Aug, 13:53:47
  1. Irate: feeling or showing extreme anger or rage.
  2. Infinite: limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.
  3. Burly: large and strong in a muscular or sturdy way; heavily built.
  4. Divert: to cause someone or something to change course or direction; to distract or entertain someone.
  5. Affinity: a natural liking or attraction towards someone or something; a similarity or connection between two things.
  6. Elated: extremely happy or joyful; overjoyed.
  7. Extemporaneous: done, spoken, or performed without preparation or planning; impromptu.
  8. Lenient: showing tolerance, forgiveness, or mercy; not strict or harsh in enforcing rules or punishments.
  9. Presumptuous: behaving or speaking in a way that shows excessive confidence or arrogance; overstepping boundaries or taking liberties without permission.
  10. Relapse: to deteriorate or fall back into a previous state or condition, especially after a period of improvement or recovery; to suffer a setback or recurrence of a disease or problem.

You 22 Aug, 13:54:30

Make this simpler to understand

Teacherbot 22 Aug, 13:54:30

1. Irate: very angry.
2. Infinite: never-ending or limitless.
3. Burly: big and strong.
4. Divert: to change direction or distract.
5. Affinity: a natural liking or connection.
6. Elated: extremely happy.
7. Extemporaneous: done without preparation.
8. Lenient: not strict or harsh.
9. Presumptuous: acting too confident or arrogant.
10. Relapse: to go back to a previous state or problem.