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1. Shop for second-hand items whenever possible. You can often find awesome clothes, furniture, and other items for unbeatable prices at thrift stores and online marketplaces.

2. Ride a bike or walk to school or places you want to go to whenever possible.

3. Unplug electronics when they are not in use.

4. Compost leftover food scraps and make your own natural fertilizer.

5. Use reusable bags when grocery shopping.

6. Plant a garden in your backyard or at a local community garden.

7. Create a “Meatless Monday” in your family and try some new vegetarian recipes.

8. Recycle and repurpose items like glass jars and upcycle used furniture and clothes.

9. Take shorter showers and switch to energy-efficient appliances and lightbulbs.

10. Get involved in your community – you can volunteer to restore shorelines, plant trees and assist with beach clean-up initiatives.