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Week 1:

Topic: Introduction to Business Technology
Objective: To become familiar with the various types of business technology

• Introduce basic terms and concepts of the business environment and the types of technology used
• Overview of core technology systems used in business
• Overview of communication and collaboration tools

• Read and discuss business technology in the classroom
• Introduce the use of video conferencing tools
• Practice public speaking and communication skills in the classroom
• Peer review presentations

Week 2:

Topic: Business Intelligence
Objective: Learn how to analyze business data and make decisions

• Introduction to business intelligence concepts
• Learn about data mining and big data
• Explore various business analytics tools

• Conduct data analysis using business intelligence tools
• Learn about visualization techniques for data analysis
• Create presentations using business intelligence data

Week 3:

Topic: Innovation and Creativity
Objective: Understand how to apply creativity in problem solving

• Learn about different types of innovation
• Explore various methods for brainstorming new ideas
• Understand the importance of prototyping and testing new ideas

• Brainstorm new ideas for business solutions
• Utilize creative problem solving methods
• Design a creative project with a business solution

Week 4:

Topic: Public Speaking and Communication
Objective: Develop public speaking and communication skills

• Understand the importance of effective communication in business
• Learn how to create effective presentations
• Practice public speaking skills in the classroom

• Create and practice a presentation
• Analyze effective communication strategies
• Participate in a panel discussion

Week 5:

Topic: Putting It All Together
Objective: Leverage business technology to create new opportunities

• Understand the importance of collaboration and teamwork
• Learn how to utilize technology to improve efficiency and productivity
• Practice using various business technologies

• Work in teams to construct a business solution
• Practice using different business technologies
• Develop a presentation using business technology
• Construct a business plan for a tech solution