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Week 1: Introduction to Graphic Design

-Explain the fundamentals of graphic design
-Introduce typography, layout and colour theories
-Examine and discuss the importance of visual communication
-Discuss design concepts through practice exercises

Week 2: Type Basics

- Introduce basic type principles
- Learn how to distinguish between serif and sans serif fonts
- Learn how to create readability and contrast with type choice

Week 3: Introduction to Layout

-Explain the principles of good layout
-Introduce the principles of composition
-Discuss importance of grid-based layouts and hierarchy
-Practice creating simple layouts

Week 4: Colour Theory

-Discuss primary, secondary and tertiary colour schemes
-Explain how to mix and manipulate colours
-Practice colour scheme creation

Week 5: Finalizing Design Projects

-Discuss different ways to create visual appeal in a design
-Learn how to edit and refine designs
-Introduce different ways to present work in a professional manner
-Critique and discuss final designs