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Discussion We want to encourage you to reflect on practice to identify improvements or practice changes resulting from what you learn. Learning to be a nurse leader requires critical reflection on your learning and how this can impact patient care. Reflecting on practice is lifelong within the nursing profession. Reflecting on your reading about Beverley Malone and from watching / listening to these videos and the audio, consider the following questions and share your thoughts in the discussion forum below. What were your first impressions of leadership taken from these resources? Did you identify any pitfalls affecting the leadership role? What knowledge and skills did these nurse leaders demonstrate? How have their personal and professional attributes influenced or impacted on practice?

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My first impressions of leadership taken from these resources was that it requires a great deal of responsibility, discipline, and strength. Nurse leaders need to be self-motivated and open to new ideas in order to stay well informed and be able to lead a team effectively. Pitfalls affecting the leadership role can include a lack of communication between leaders and those they lead, lack of trust from the team, and the inability to motivate or inspire team members.
The knowledge and skills demonstrated by the two nurse leaders were communication, leadership, and decision-making. They both had strong communication skills, which enabled them to effectively relay ideas and instructions to their teams. They were also both strong decision-makers and were able to make swift and informed decisions. Finally, their personal and professional attributes had a great impact on their practice. Their knowledge and experience in the field was invaluable, and allowed them to be confident in their decisions and consider different approaches that may be beneficial. They also used their personal relationships and connections to positively influence their teams and inspire them.