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1. Establish an open door policy by providing parents with regular communication and access to teachers via their preferred channel(s).

2. Involve parents in discussions about their child’s learning needs and provide regular updates on their progress.

3. Promote a culture of respect and understanding between parents and teachers, emphasizing that they are working together to help the child succeed.

4. Incorporate parents in regular conversations and activities related to the child’s education.

5. Utilize various forms of communication such as telephone, email, social media and private meetings to optimize communication between the teacher and parent.

6. Seek out parents’ feedback on issues such as school curriculum, dress code, special events and activities.

7. Listen with empathy and understanding to any concerns raised by parents and respond in a positive and helpful manner.

8. Encourage both parents and teachers to foster an environment of support and encouragement.

9. Provide resources and opportunities for parents to be active participants in their child’s education.

10. Celebrate successes together with your students and their families.