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1. “Mildred opened her spelling book and began to read. After a few seconds her eyes opened wide and she groaned in despair. How was she ever going to remember all those spelling words?” (Page 24) - Inference: Mildred was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of words she had to learn.

2. “You don't want to be a complete washout, do you? Miss Hardbroom said coldly, ‘eating sweets isn’t the answer’” (Page 33) - Inference: Miss Hardbroom was trying to tell Mildred that the sweets were not going to help her succeed.

3. “Miss Cackle knew Mildred was not a strong spell caster. It was obvious from the notes she had sent in from Miss Hardbroom each week” (Page 25) - Inference: Miss Cackle understood that Mildred had a lot to learn and was trying to help her by providing extra assistance.

4. “Mildred began to read, quite easily at first. Then, with a sinking heart, she realised that she didn't know the answer to even one of the questions” (Page 32) - Inference: Mildred was feeling very discouraged because she was unable to answer any of the questions.