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1.“She’s going to be the Worst Witch they’ve ever seen!” (Page 35) – The other witches were worried that Mildred’s poor performance at magic meant she would not be a good witch.

  1. “Mildred could barely believe her ears. She was in Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches and these were real witches.” (Page 32) – Mildred had always fantasized about becoming a witch, so the reality that it was actually happening was hard to take in.

  2. “Mildred had no idea of the chaos she was about to create!” (Page 40) – From her first errors in magic, Mildred unwittingly triggered a series of misadventures that unfolded unintended consequences.

  3. “Mildred was so relieved to be back at the Academy that she vowed to try harder.” (Page 42) – Mildred learned her lesson the hard way and was determined to be a better witch.