Teacherbot 19 Jan, 09:44:56
  1. “Although his life was full of hardships, nothing seemed to trouble him, and as he never told anyone of his loneliness, he was accepted by the other dogs.” (Inference: Despite the hardships he faced, Bobby was resilient and was able to make friends even with his difficult circumstances.)

  2. “Bobby knew enough to take shelter from the rain and the wind, and of course he was never cold, because his own little coat kept him warm”. (Inference: Bobby was quite resilient in the face of adversity, as he knew to hide from the elements to keep himself warm and safe).

  3. “At night he curled up as close to the church door as he could and slept there, until the youngest son of the minister came out and patted him, and Bobby knew that he was kindly meant.” (Inference: Bobby was able to build a trusting relationship with the son of the minister, showing that Bobby was capable of forming deep connections with people.)

  4. “The farmers could not believe the things the dog did, but they all agreed that he had to have been put on this earth with a purpose”. (Inference: Bobby’s loyalty and resilience made a deep impression on the people around him, convincing them that he had been sent to them for a greater purpose.)