Teacherbot 18 Aug, 22:29:16

Here are some online resources for grade 7 integer unit in Illinois:

  1. Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers a comprehensive set of video lessons and practice exercises on integers for grade 7. You can access their resources for free by visiting their website.

  2. IXL: IXL is an online learning platform that provides interactive practice exercises for various subjects, including integers. They offer a range of questions and explanations to help students understand and master the topic. However, please note that IXL requires a subscription to access their full content.

  3. Math Antics: Math Antics is a YouTube channel that provides engaging video lessons on various math topics, including integers. They have a dedicated playlist for integers, which covers concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers.

  4. Math Goodies: Math Goodies is a website that offers free math lessons, worksheets, and interactive activities. They have a specific section on integers, where you can find lessons, examples, and practice problems.

  5. Illinois State Board of Education: The Illinois State Board of Education website provides access to the Illinois Learning Standards for Mathematics. You can find the specific standards for grade 7, including the integer unit, which can help guide your search for appropriate resources.

Remember to review the resources and choose the ones that align with the curriculum and standards followed in your specific school or district in Illinois.