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1. Name Game: Have students stand in a circle and introduce themselves using an adjective that starts with the same letter as their name (e.g., "I'm Joyful Jane"). Each student repeats the previous names and adjectives, creating a collaborative and energizing atmosphere.

2. Group Mime: Divide students into small groups and give each group a scenario or emotion to portray through mime. Encourage them to work together, communicate non-verbally, and support each other's ideas.

3. Human Knot: Have students stand in a circle and reach out to grab hands with two different people across the circle. Without letting go, they must work together to untangle themselves into a circle again. This activity promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and physical energy.

4. Sound Ball: Stand in a circle and pass an imaginary ball around. Each student adds a sound or noise to the ball as they pass it. This activity encourages creativity, active listening, and energizes the students.

5. Mirror Exercise: Pair up students and have them face each other. One student becomes the leader, and the other mirrors their movements. Encourage them to switch roles and explore different movements and emotions. This activity fosters collaboration, trust, and physical energy.

6. Group Counting: Have students stand in a circle and count from 1 to 20. Each student can only say one number, and if two students say a number at the same time, they must start over. This activity promotes focus, teamwork, and energizes the students.

7. Improv Circle: Form a circle and have each student step into the center one by one. They must start an improvised scene or monologue based on a given prompt. Encourage the rest of the class to support and react to the performer, creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

8. Dance Party: Play upbeat music and have students dance freely. Encourage them to move around the space, interact with others, and let go of inhibitions. This activity energizes the students and fosters a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

9. Pass the Energy: Stand in a circle and have students pass an imaginary ball of energy around. Each student adds a movement or sound to the energy as they pass it. This activity promotes creativity, collaboration, and energizes the students.

10. Group Storytelling: Sit in a circle and start a story with one sentence. Each student adds one sentence to the story, building on what the previous person said. This activity encourages collaboration, creativity, and energizes the students as they work together to create a dynamic story.