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Objective: To facilitate a fun and interactive activity that allows participants to get to know each other better.

Materials needed: - Paper - Pens or pencils

Instructions: 1. Begin by explaining the purpose of the activity: to help everyone get to know each other better and create a more comfortable and inclusive environment. 2. Divide the participants into pairs or small groups, depending on the size of the group. 3. Distribute the paper and pens/pencils to each pair or group. 4. Instruct each participant to write down three interesting facts about themselves on the paper. 5. Once everyone has written down their facts, have them take turns sharing their facts with their partner or group. 6. Encourage participants to ask questions or share their own related experiences after each person shares their facts. 7. After each person has shared, have the pairs or groups switch partners or merge into larger groups. 8. Repeat steps 4-7, allowing participants to share their facts with their new partners or groups. 9. After everyone has had a chance to share with multiple partners or groups, reconvene as a whole group. 10. Open up the floor for anyone who would like to share any interesting facts they learned about others during the activity. 11. Wrap up the activity by emphasizing the importance of getting to know each other and building connections within the group.

Variations: - Instead of sharing facts, participants can share their favorite hobbies, books, movies, or travel destinations. - Instead of pairs or small groups, participants can form a circle and take turns sharing their facts with the entire group. - To add an element of creativity, participants can draw or create visual representations of their facts instead of writing them down.