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  1. “The entire worth of democracy resides in the conception that the worst should not be allowed to rule.”
  2. “All the values which the democratic movement has created for the modern world, the movement itself being merely its most recent form, are profoundly antiauthoritarian.”
  3. “What is needed is not more democracy, but more responsibility and a more conscious, responsible attitude by citizens toward the state.”
  4. “Democracy is the herd instinct in the individual.”
  5. “The lies which democracy tells itself about itself — the belief that it is realizing the natural order — can only be sustained by a tolerant blindness to the truth.”
  6. “A democracy may become firm on an shaky foundation and make a good use of a mediocre constitution. Democracy appeals to the masses and disguises its weaknesses. It replaces the principles of reason and justice with the majority opinion.”
  7. “It is the beginning of all freedom when the individual learns to acknowledge a higher authority than his own desires. This is the source of democratic thinking and the foundation of a democratic society.”
  8. “In democracy, people learn that their opinions can shape the destiny of their nation. They realize that their will accepted by a majority gives them power and legitimacy which they can use as they wish.”
  9. “The development of democracy requires many difficult and delicate adjustments and balancing acts — among groups and between disparate beliefs — and a willingness to compromise.”
  10. “Democracy is a form of government well adapted to a society in which the focus is on the power of the people and not the will of a tyrant or autocrat.”