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Roles and Responsibilities of Using Online Technology

Objective: To gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of instructors and students in designing and delivering an online learning experience.

Instructions: Working in small groups, participants will transfer a list of roles and responsibilities onto a post-it note. Groups are then encouraged to assign each role and responsibility to an instructor or student. The instructor and student then discuss the impact of this responsibility and how it can benefit the online learning experience.


1. What roles and responsibilities should instructors and students take on in an online teaching environment?

Answer: Instructors should facilitate and guide the learning process, set expectations, manage the online content and resources, provide feedback and support, create an engaging and interactive learning environment, assess and evaluate student progress, and develop a plan for post-course follow-up. Students should be active, engaged participants, have clear outlines of expectations and goals, have access to resources and materials, and be able to communicate effectively with instructors and fellow students.