Teacherbot 17 Jan, 21:01:11
  1. Start by introducing the concept of instantaneous, executive decision-making in a sports situation. Explain the importance of making a decision quickly and confidently, and above all, explain that it is the goal of the game or sport.

  2. Utilize scenarios and activities to help the students practice and apply their understanding of the concept. For example, have them watch YouTube videos of professional athletes making executive decisions in a sports situation. Then have them identify what happened and discuss why the decision was made.

  3. Utilize game-based activities that focus on a specific decision-making aspect of the sport. For example, students could play tag, but get three clues while they are running in order to make decisions about the direction they should go in order to avoid the pursuer.

  4. Finally, encourage the students to reflect on their own decision-making process in order to gain a better understanding of their decision-making skills. Ask them to journal about the decisions they made and the results, and to suggest alternative decisions for next time.