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Sure! Here’s a suggested 6-hour plan for teaching APA style lessons in your sports writing class:

Hour 1: Introduction to APA Style and Formatting - Explain the purpose and importance of APA style in academic writing. - Introduce the basic formatting guidelines, such as font, margins, and spacing. - Demonstrate how to set up a Word document according to APA style. - Provide examples of properly formatted title pages, headers, and page numbers. - Share useful web resources for APA formatting, such as Purdue OWL and APA Style Blog.

Hour 2: Title Page, Abstract, and Headings - Discuss the components of a title page, including the running head and affiliation. - Explain the purpose and structure of an abstract. - Teach students how to format headings and subheadings in APA style. - Show examples of correctly formatted title pages, abstracts, and headings in sports-related papers.

Hour 3: In-text Citations and Paraphrasing - Introduce the concept of in-text citations and their importance in academic writing. - Explain the basic format for in-text citations, including author-date style. - Teach students how to properly paraphrase and avoid plagiarism. - Provide examples of in-text citations and paraphrasing in sports-related texts.

Hour 4: Reference List Basics - Explain the purpose and importance of a reference list in APA style. - Teach students the different types of sources (e.g., books, journal articles, websites) and how to cite them. - Demonstrate the correct format for reference entries, including authors, publication dates, titles, and retrieval information. - Show examples of properly formatted reference entries for sports-related sources.

Hour 5: Advanced Reference List Topics - Discuss specific citation rules for different types of sources, such as online articles, books with multiple authors, and government reports. - Teach students how to cite sources with missing information or unusual formats. - Explain the importance of DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and how to include it in reference entries. - Provide examples and exercises for students to practice creating accurate reference entries.

Hour 6: Review and Practice - Review the key concepts and guidelines covered in the previous sessions. - Conduct interactive exercises or quizzes to reinforce understanding of APA style and formatting. - Allow students to ask questions and clarify any doubts they may have. - Provide additional resources and tips for further practice and improvement.

Remember to adapt the pace and depth of each session based on your students’ needs and prior knowledge.