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Lesson 1: Introduction
- Introduce the unit by discussing with students what an inventor is and what types of inventions exist
- Discuss the importance of inventions and how inventions come about
- Present some examples of famous Scottish inventors and their accomplishments

- Pictures of notable Scottish inventors
- Visual presentation of inventors and inventions
- Examples of Scottish inventions

Lesson 2: James Watt
- Focus on James Watt and his inventions
- Explain Watt’s achievements and explain how he made the steam engine much more efficient
- Discuss how this invention changed the way people lived

- Visual showing how the steam engine worked
- Photos showing Watt's inventions
- Audio clips of steamships in use

Lesson 3: John Boyd Dunlop
- Focus on John Boyd Dunlop and his invention of the pneumatic tire
- Explain how Dunlop invented the pneumatic tire and the impact this had on the world
- Discuss the importance of Dunlop’s invention

- Photos showing Dunlop's invention
- Examples of vehicles using pneumatic tires
- Demonstration of how a pneumatic tire works

Lesson 4: John Logie Baird
- Focus on John Logie Baird and his invention of television
- Explain how Baird invented the television, and the impact this had on the world
- Discuss the importance of Baird’s invention

- Photos showing Baird's invention
- Examples of televisions
- Demonstration of how a television works

Lesson 5: Summary
- Review key concepts from the unit
- Discuss the impact of the Scottish inventors and the importance of invention
- Encourage students to use their creativity and come up with their own inventions

- Photos or visuals of the inventors discussed
- Examples of inventions by students
- Visuals showing how inventions are created