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Lesson 1- Introduction to the Vikings

Objective: Students will be able to identify and explain who the Vikings were and why their legacy has been so impactful.

Content: -Explain to students who the Vikings were. They were a group of people from Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) who lived from the late 8th-11th centuries AD, who are especially known for their seafaring and exploration. Focus specifically on how they were full-time traders and ocean-explorers who travelled all around western Europe, including Britain.

-Discuss the notable achievements of the Vikings such as advances in ship-building technology, their unrelenting spirit for exploration, and their significant contributions to trade and commerce.

-Introduce the Viking lifestyle, their culture and their religious beliefs such as the Norse gods.

-Explain why their legacy has been so significant and enduring: the Vikings transformed the world by opening up many new regions, and their influence and impact can still be seen today.

Resources: -Introductory video about the Vikings -Kids Encyclopedia article about Vikings -Pictures/diagrams of a Viking ship -Printouts of Viking maps -Norse Mythology flashcards

Lesson 2- Viking Beliefs and Practices

Objective: Students will gain a better understanding of the beliefs and practices of the Vikings.

Content: -Discuss the Viking gods and goddesses, such as Odin, Thor and Freya, as well as their mythological stories.

-Explain the Vikings’ beliefs in fate, good and bad luck, and the importance they placed on heroism which they wrote about important sagas.

-Discuss their practice of ritual sacrifice, which was carried out primarily as an offering to the gods.

-Introduce the Viking burial customs, including the famous ‘ship burials’ and the items that were usually buried with a deceased person.

Resources: -Viking tale storybook -Norse Mythology flashcards -Videos about Viking religion -Images of Viking burial practices -Viking rituals worksheet

Lesson 3- Life During the Viking Age

Objective: Students will gain a better understanding of the daily life of the Vikings and the different roles people played.

Content: -Explain what life was like during the Viking Age, focusing on the roles of man and women, and the various crafts and trades they created. Describe how they lived in small farming settlements and how they adapted to the changing climate.

-Introduce the Viking Age jobs, focusing on how they were warriors, traders, farmers and craftsmen, who created beautiful artwork and jewelry in particular.

-Discuss the Viking gods and goddesses, such as Odin, Thor and Freya, as well as their mythological stories.

-Discuss Viking clothing and jewelry, explaining the significance of certain colors, patterns, and materials in the Viking culture.

Resources: -Printouts/images of Viking artifacts -Videos about Viking jobs/trades -Images of Viking clothing/jewelry -Viking life worksheets -Viking Age map

Lesson 4- Viking Language and Traditions

Objective: Students will learn about the language, literature and cultural traditions of the Viking Age.

Content: -Discuss the languages of the Vikings, including Old Norse and Latin, and explain their importance in the Viking Age.

-Introduce their sagas and poetry, focusing on works like the ‘Edda’ and the ‘Volsunga Saga’.

-Explain important cultural traditions and holidays such as Yule- an important winter festival celebrated by the Vikings.

-Discuss and compare cultural customs of different regions influenced by the Viking Age.

Resources: -Printouts/images of Viking artifacts -Videos about Viking language and literature -Viking sagas worksheet -Viking Age map -Images of Yule celebrations

Lesson 5- Viking Exploration and Expansion

Objective: Students will learn about the advances and explorations of the Vikings throughout Europe.

Content: -Discuss the Viking exploration of lands throughout Europe, focusing on the impact they had on the lands they visited.

-Examine the advances in shipbuilding technology developed by the Vikings and explain how this revolutionized their ability to travel and explore.

-Explore the legacy of the Vikings and the many regions of Europe that were affected by their presence and influence.

Resources: -Videos about Viking exploration -Images of Viking ships -Viking map worksheet -Viking artifacts worksheet -Comparison maps of the regions affected by Viking expansion