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Objective: Students will be able to describe the life and achievements of the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Materials Needed: Timelines of the life of Aristotle, images of Aristotle, maps of Ancient Greece and Macedon

Lesson Length: 1 hour

I. Introduction ( 15 minutes)

A. Discussion: Ask students what they know about Ancient Greece. Allow them to ask questions, and answer questions as needed.

B. Background: Explain who Aristotle was, his relationships to Alexander the Great and the significance of his work in philosophy.

II. Activity ( 30 minutes)

A. Divide the class into five groups.

B. Each group will select one of the following topics related to Aristotle's life and achievements:

- early life and education
- travels
- family and relationships
- scientific research
- philosophy

C. Distribute materials to the groups: timelines of Aristotle's life, maps of Greece and Macedon, images of Aristotle.

D. Ask students to use the materials to create a presentation that summarizes their topic.

III. Presentation (15 minutes)

A. Ask each group to present their topic and what they learned.

B. Ask students to share any questions or comments they have.

IV. Conclusion (10 minutes)

A. Ensure all questions have been answered.

B. Summarize the main points from the lesson.

C. Ask the students what the main points of Aristotle's life and achievements were.